Layer up



As summer comes to a close it’s getting to that time of year when the morning air is chill and the afternoons are warm.

Such temperature differences make it hard to find the right clothing for a comfortable ride. My strategy is to layer up.

The other day I attended a work event, and in my leaving bag was a. Brilliant. Intended for travellers, it’s prefect for . The material is thin so can fit under the helmet without being too bulky.





Welcome to BikeBell


Welcome to BikeBell, a blog about bike riding.

I’ve been an avid bike rider for a long time. When I was little, I biked the streets of suburbia with my friends for fun. When I was a young adult I biked through mountain trails to clear my mind before the next exam. Now I bike the big city streets to get from point A to B.

I’m not an expert mechanic, I don’t have a wardrobe of skin tight shorts or the latest bike riding gear and gadgets, but I do have countless kilometers of road under my two wheels.

This blog aims to offer tips and tricks and a few laughs about getting around on a bike.

Hopefully you will become an avid bike rider too.